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Many thanks to Semper Fi (Cassie) for allowing me the privilege of adopting this fanlisting... I'll try my best to take good care of it. So why did an MSR shipper adopt a fanlisting for Doggett/Scully? Because Cassie asked me to... and because...

When The X-Files were still on tv, I never thought much of being a fan of the Doggett/Scully relationship. I am, after all, a diehard MSR Shipper... always will be. But after rewatching some eps from Season 8 and 9, I realized that yeah, I really didn't have a problem with them being partners at all. I mean, who else was going to protect Scully with Mulder out of the picture, hmmm?

The only real problem I had was that Scully *always* called him Agent Doggett. I could understand in the beginning because she really had no clue who Doggett was, or if she could even trust him. But after two seasons of being partners, why couldn't she have just called him Doggett, or even John?

So yes, I've become a member of this fanlisting, and who knows... maybe Cassie and I will start a new trend: Dippers and Shippers will actually talk to each other! ;)

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