Welcome to Trust, the only TFL approved fanlisting in the Relationships: TV category (subcategory of The X-Files) for Doggett and Scully. DSR fans (Dippers) believe in a love relationship between Doggett and Scully, but no relationship survives without trust, not even partners or friends. Yes, MSR Shippers, you can join too lol! They were partners, they did save each others' lives, and they parted friends.


So what is a fanlisting? It's simply a site that lists people from all over the world who share one thing in common: their love and support for a particular actor, actress, movie, song, tv episode, etc. The only requirements to become a member are your name and country. So take a few minutes to have a look around and if you too are a fan of the relationship between Doggett and Scully, be it love, partners and/or friends, please join us. This fanlisting is NOT just for Dippers! :)


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